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Looking for a minimum of 10 Whitecourt area small business retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and activity promoters to join in a “Shop & Win” promotion focused on a “Stop to Shop, Play and Stay” message to be promoted via digital and traditional marketing channels targeted at likely highway travelers from Northern Alberta communities and people who have been through town recently (targeted online advertising) at a cost of $10 per day – or a total investment of $240 + gst + a prize.

Deadline to decide is November 28th, 2018

Promotion to last between December 1st and 24th.

The process:

You say yes between now and November 28th.

Pay the $240 via etransfer, or Paypal.

Book your one hour content gathering session and collection of your prize contribution.

Approve your content for the promotion by November 31st for inclusion starting December 1st.

Display promotional materials in your store and in your social media outlets as appropriate.

Have questions?

Contact me via email at patrysha@patrysha.com

Via messenger at facebook.com/patryshapublicity

By phone at 780 779 0403

By signing up for the free Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget Webinar on November 21 at 7pm

Media Channels included:

  • Facebook Page @whitecourtshopandwin
  • Targeted Facebook and Instagram and Google paid ads
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Direct Email (permission based)
  • Print materials (posters/postcards)