Copywriting -writing for the purpose of promotion including words for websites, brochures and ads.

For most of the writing you need in your business, you can (and should) turn to local professionals. No matter where you live, there is likely to be a great writer who can bring your business results by telling your story in just the right way. You may find them working as marketers or bloggers or they may position themselves as VA’s (Virtual Assistants) or Social Media Consultants. These are the types of people who do a great job on your brochures, print ads, facebook graphics, and website words.

If you can’t afford a local professional, then the pre-packaged promotions for professionals that I’ll be releasing very soon will give you the tools you need to “fake it till you make it” when it comes to getting the marketing done for your small business. In the meantime, I’m confident my three specialty services cannot be matched by the average copywriter.

About Pages & Press Releases

When it comes to your About Pages and Press Releases, if you want the best of you to shine through, you’ll want to click the buy button here and book your intake appointment as soon as possible. Having studied and practiced over the past 21 years, these services are truly my zone of genius when it comes to writing. With a full time job and my present work on Zindagee Village, I only take on a limited number of these specialty projects at any given time. That is not some fancy marketing scarcity tactic, I literally only spend a maximum of 10 hours a week on client writing projects,

  • About pages – $497
  • Press Releases – $497 +
  • Media Pages $750 +
  • Kindle Book Formatting – $150

You’ll need to book an appointment to discuss your needs and determine if I’m the right professional for your project by filling in the form below.

Pre-packaged Promotions for Rural Professionals

Once these are released, you’ll simply choose the package that suits your needs. You’ll get a downloadable package of marketing tools from facebook and instagram graphics to blog posts and radio ads – then just add your logo, name and location where they belong and you’ll have a complete multi-media promotion ready to go.

Email me to get on the alerts list to be notified when these are available.