Copywriting -writing for the purpose of promotion including words for websites, brochures and ads. We usually get to all of that over time if you become a marketing and promotions client. Generally, we start small – with an About Page or a Press Release – though some professionals choose to jump in with a website overhaul to get things jumping.

About Pages & Press Releases

When it comes to your About Pages and Press Releases, if you want the best of you to shine through, you’ll want to click the buy button here and book your intake appointment as soon as possible. Having studied and practiced over the past 21 years, these services are truly my zone of genius when it comes to writing. 

  • About pages – $197
  • Press Releases – $197 + distribution
  • Media Pages $497 +
  • Kindle Book Formatting – $50
  • Other writing, design and videography at $75/hour

You’ll need to book an appointment to discuss your needs and determine if I’m the right professional for your project by booking a consultation appointment. Choose one of the options below or simply schedule a discovery call and we’ll narrow down your needs. 



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About Pages

Your about page is your most visited page on your website. It's also the most difficult page for most entrepreneurs to write, even if they are brilliant writers in every other context. That's where I come in. When you order an About Page package and complete an interview session, you'll be reading the first draft within a week.

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Media Releases

You think you have something newsworthy going on in your business but you're not quite sure how to attract the attention of the media within your marketplace. With a media release package, you'll be provided with a ready to submit release and recommendations on how and when to submit to the media outlets most likely to cover your story. Or if you're ready for consistent coverage, you can opt for an ongoing media package.

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Website Copy

You need a professional but simple website to establish your authority for potential clients and customers without having it cost an arm and a leg and your first child. My five page authority website package is perfect for coaches, consultants and other professionals that want to focus on their customers instead of waiting months for a custom website.

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