My name is Patrysha

I use a Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget approach to help small town small business owners and other unconventional professionals to create marketing that attracts genuine, interested clients (magic) through speaking, teaching, writing and videography.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping small business owners, solopreneurs & nonprofit groups make the most of their marketing budget through the creative use of publicity, online marketing & guerrilla marketing tactics.

I’d love to work with you to help you step out of the overwhelm of modern marketing and into a space where you feel in control of your business and future.


Are you looking for the step in between do-it-yourself and done for you promotions?

If you’re an inspired or unconventional professional who is:

  • tired of feeling overwhelmed
  • ready to grow your business
  • trying to stop doing it all in your business
  • looking to hire a professional to manage your marketing
  • wants or needs champagne marketing on a beer budget

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With over 20 years of experience in promoting, managing and coaching small business owners, I’ve got the tools to help.

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Marketing for Unconventional Professionals

Let’s Make Marketing Magic

If your business and expertise is a little off-beat or subject to a lot of misunderstandings and myths in the general marketplace…I might be the right fit to help you market your business. My previous clients have included high end photographers, skin care specialists, professionals in electrolysis for permanent hair removal, and upscale home based clinical spas. More recently I’ve worked with life coaches and hypnotherapists.

I’ve worked in some capacity or another for Artists, Authors, Coaches, Web Designers, Jewelers Makers, Knitters, Soapmakers, Online Marketers, Skin care and spa product distributors, Professional speakers and I’m likely forgetting a few.

To learn what I mean by unconventional professional, please dive in and book your personal consultation to see if I can help your business “bloom where it’s planted”

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About Pages

Your about page is your most visited page on your website. It’s also the most difficult page for most entrepreneurs to write, even if they are brilliant writers in every other context. That’s where I come in. When you order an About Page package and complete an interview session, you’ll be reading the first draft within a week.

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Media Releases

You think you have something newsworthy going on in your business but you’re not quite sure how to attract the attention of the media within your marketplace. With a media release package, you’ll be provided with a ready to submit release and recommendations on how and when to submit to the media outlets most likely to cover your story. Or if you’re ready for consistent coverage, you can opt for an ongoing media package.

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Website Copy

You need a professional but simple website to establish your authority for potential clients and customers without having it cost an arm and a leg and your first child. My five page authority website package is perfect for coaches, consultants and other professionals that want to focus on their customers instead of waiting months for a custom website.

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What Can I Take Off Your Plate?

Need marketing help in a different area? A brochure, a newspaper ad, an email series or some other promotional project? I may still be able to help. Use the form below to send me a message to request the service you need.

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