My name is Patrysha and I’m all about promotion, publicity and puppets. 

I know it sounds like a crazy combination, but that is where the magic happens.

If you are looking for a marketing specialist to help your creative, independent small business stand out without breaking the budget – you are in the right place.

For almost 25 years I have specialized in operating, writing and marketing for small businesses (including my own).
I have also written for other types of business, but creative, independent small business owners have been the heart of my practice since the start.

Along the way I have earned certifications in coaching, communication, leadership, economic development, facilitation and training. I delight in creating marketing that stretches your budget and amplifies your impact.

I try to make the complicated things simple – so you can build a business that makes you happy and money.

Through the creative use of video, publicity and copywriting, clients and I co-create marketing that works to promote their business in an authentic and stress free way (well as stress free as it gets when you’re a creative independent small  business owner or other unconventional professional!)

I create magic, not miracles!

And my MAGIC I mean marketing that attracts genuine, interested clients –  Writing and videography are my primary tools, but I also accept coaching clients and deliver courses geared to creative, independent small business owners.

Want more marketing for less?

I’d love to work with you to let you step out of the overwhelm of modern marketing and into a space where you feel in control of your business and future…

We are a bit of a mess as we re-design the website, but we are accepting work and booking coaching appointments. 

Choose Your Service

Showcase Video Packages

No matter what platforms you promote your business on, video can amplify your message and increase your results.

With this starter package we’ll co-create the perfect showcase video series to get you started sharing your story & expertise to attract your ideal clients.


Testimonial Video Packages

Let your biggest fans be your champions with a testimonial video package that features your existing or previous clients talking about your services and their results.




YouTube Graphics Package

Add the perfect finishing touch to your video presentations with an intro, outro and transitions to add to your videos to give your channel a consistent look and feel.




Not sure where to start? 

Marketing for Unconventional (Creative, Independent) Professionals

Let’s Make Marketing Magic

If your business and expertise is a little off-beat or subject to a lot of misunderstandings and myths in the general marketplace…I might be the right fit to help you market your business. My previous clients have included high end photographers, skin care specialists, professionals in electrolysis for permanent hair removal, and upscale home based clinical spas. More recently I’ve worked with life coaches and hypnotherapists.

I’ve worked in some capacity or another for artists, authors, coaches, web designers, jewelers makers, knitters, soapmakers, online marketers, skin care and spa product distributors, professional speakers and I’m likely forgetting a few.

To learn what I mean by unconventional professional, please dive in and book your personal consultation to see if I can help your business “bloom where it’s planted”

What Can I Take Off Your Plate?

Need marketing help in a different area? A brochure, a newspaper ad, an email series or some other promotional project? I may still be able to help. Use the form below to send me a message to request the service you need.

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