The art and science of using well chosen words to create
Marketing that Attracts Genuine Interested Clients (MAGIC!!)

“I was referred to Patrysha from a friend who said she was excellent. She was right and since Patrysha has written many creative press releases for us and landed us interviews on radio, CBC TV, and Breakfast Television. She has been very accommodating and has helped us meet tight deadlines. We have always been impressed by her work and she has helped our business immensely even though we are not even in the same province!”

Tamar Oziel 


Generally, we start small – with an About Page, Press Release, Postcard, Brochure, Flyer or Print Ad – though some professionals choose to jump in with a website overhaul to get things jumping.

About Pages & Press Releases

About Pages and Press Releases, this is where I really shine and what I’m best known for. If you want the best of you to shine through, you’ll want to click to book your intake appointment as soon as possible. Having studied and practiced over the past 22 years, these services are truly my zone of genius when it comes to writing.

General Price List

  • About pages – $300
  • Press Releases – $300 + distribution
  • Press Release Power Tweak – $100
  • Media Packages $450 +
  • Kindle Book Formatting – $50

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