Inspired by

While I’ve been meaning to get around to writing more in my blog this year, it took a bonus challenge from The Pitch Girl, Laura Allen to make it happen.

You see, today’s extra credit assignment was to show the transformation that we bring to our clients.

Since I’d been sitting on this concept for a while –I know I should be sharing more client success and happiness stories and I’ve been meaning to do a case-study/portfolio for ages and ages– I decided to make this a blog post instead of just posting to the group.

You see, I’ve also committed to being more diligent about the whole leverage your time and content thing that my successful friends like Alice Seba and Angela Wills are so amazing at. (Needless to say it’s a work in progress, but baby steps are still steps!)

With that said, here’s a recent transformation that helps showcase some of my publicity writing skills.

Meet Jessica,
NCJWC-T & Project L.I.S.A

I “met” Jessica (met in quotes because we’ve never met in person) through my longtime friend, colleague & client, Sarah Zeldman.

Jessica is the Executive Director of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada- Toronto (NCJWC-T), a non-profit group in Toronto that sought to gain media attention for Project L.I.S.A, a program the organization was taking over from another local non-profit group. Domestic violence is one of those topics near and dear to my heart, so I couldn’t resist jumping in when Sarah mentioned they needed help promoting this amazing resource to provide legal services to survivors of domestic violence.



While the efforts fell short of expectations with no interviews booked, there was more online reach achieved with the edited release over the original.