Have you noticed the competition getting a little more aggressive online? In these transitional economic times, all business owners need to find and keep their customers coming to them instead of the underdog. It might just be the right time to start winning your online customers over with these handy tips.

1) Attractive web design, informative content and easy website navigation are all points of concern when it comes promoting your offline business in the online world. 

Gone are the days when you could rely on simple directory listings or brochure website. You need one that attracts and converts to make it worth your while. That means a website that includes a juicy bonus to entice visitors to join your email list.

Keep it Simple

The information you provide on your website should be easy to understand, yet as complete as possible. The facts need to be accurate while the language needs to flow easily. It need not be two pages when one would have been enough, just as one page may not be enough to provide the proper amount of information. You need to be able to find the middle ground.


Layout and navigation are aspects which need to be as simple as possible. Your clients are going to want to make it from point A to point B without having to click on eight different buttons to get there. Not only it is preferable for you to have direct links to the different areas of your website, but a site map could be the difference between an easy sale and a frustrated client leaving without making a purchase.

2) Regular coupons are attractions which could keep your clients coming back for more.

Oh, not the same ones which qualify to each purchase at any time! Those can be monotonous, and possibly result in your customer base looking elsewhere for a little more excitement. In this situation we are talking about coupons with a little bit of pop in their design, with a lot of value to your customer. “Buy 2 get 1 free” sales, or post-holiday discounts can truly entice your shoppers. Do be cautious with sales and discounts though. If you’re aiming for champagne marketing, discounts must be carefully developed to maintain brand integrity. 

Hold a bring-a-friend day for your brick-and-mortar store. If someone from your list brings a friend they can, for example, receive 40% off their purchases for the day. Their friend can receive a lower percentage of a discount for having left her contact information with you.


3) Advance notice of upcoming product launches are fine and dandy, but can lack pizazz. You can make them even better by having a pre-season promotion for your top customers. Just make sure you let them know this type of special is for list members only.

You could also sweeten the bargain a bit by holding a “members only” after-hours sale. When you hold this type of event, you may opt to donate a percentage of the sales to a local charity. This will amp up it’s publicity power and will leave customers feeling great for contributing to a great cause with their purchase.  With this type of occasion, your list of members will relish the red carpet treatment and you’ll have something newsworthy to share with local media outlets. 

Need Help With Your Website?

Building a website may be much easier than you thought and less expensive than you might imagine when you apply the champagne marketing on a beer budget approach to it. Why not book a consultation session to find out what you can do to get an effective website on your budget.