My phone has less storage space than my first computer, I swear! It won’t record video – and I can’t remove the music – I need it to exercise. I had everything set up – script, teleprompter, lighting – smooth, polished, professional.

Instead, it came out a little closer to the real life me –

And I’m going to be okay with that. If only for the fact, that lesser things have stopped me from recording and publishing before. And I wasn’t going to let that happen. Because this challenge is important.

Not just on a personal level, I’m working to overcome inconsistency, among other things, with this challenge.

But on a global, national, provincial and local scale.

It used to live in my house. Family violence. Ugly words. Explosions of Violence. Moments of fear.

All of the house, all until this one. I don’t live with it in my home anymore, but I am distinctly aware that thousands of women across the country and in my neighbourhood still do.

And for up to 500 women (and their children) who leave tonight in Canada – there will be no space available.

Calls are up 40% in Alberta as the economic downturn starts leading to layoffs…

So it’s important.

And because I promised myself I wouldn’t fail this challenge…and I wasn’t about to let it happen on day two.

So in all my imperfection…

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