Colourful to do listsWoo hoo! The New Year is here! I can’t recall how many years I went along with the New Year meaning absolutely nothing to me. I didn’t do resolutions. I didn’t believe in them.

There’s always the certain Bah-hambug sector of society that takes great pride in not making resolutions. And because I was once one of them, I’m inclined to think, “If that’s working for you, great!”

But for me, it wasn’t working.

And around the time I separated from the father of my children, I started making more concrete plans around New Years and started establishing new traditions. Successful people have traditions around planning and goal setting. Not necessarily at New Years, and not necessarily resolutions – but making plans and setting goals is what successful people do.

And though I may not be abundance minded, I DO want to be successful. I take pride in doing good work and I want to be paid for the value I provide. And that’s meant changing some attitudes and habits and starting to do what successful people do – even if it’s a slow process – and even if I made fun of the same activities before.

The first year I started with a private closing ceremony and I chose a theme word. The second year I worked in some goal setting and I participated in a separate formal Mastermind group. Last year, I dropped the formal mastermind and switched to a different planning system which incorporates the theme word and closing ceremony concepts that I started in the first year and adds a whole lot more – I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before (and I no doubt will again. I LOVE the the vibe of her tribe!)  Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year.

My theme word this year is BLOOM. Which works for me on so many levels, one of my projects at my day job is working with floral shop marketing and I really want to grow my business and create a solid foundation out of all the knowledge and resources I’ve amassed over the years. Enough with the learning and doubting and playing at it. It’s time to actually do the work. Without skipping steps. Or making excuses.

I can’t wait to get started.


Today is a day of family travel and bonding. Because success is not defined by business alone – time for family is part of my Shining Year plans too.

So do you do resolutions?


P.S. I’ve started a Facebook Group for Survivor Entrepreneurs who are using the Shining Year planners. You’re more than welcome to join us if you’re a survivor entrepreneur whether you are using the planner or not. You will have to friend me on Facebook and then private message me to be added as it is a private group to prevent airing our more private details all over the place 😉