All signs point to words like Disrupt, Shake Up, Challenge, Evolve and Change to symbolize disrupting the status quo with new ideas and technologies. 

Yup! It’s happening again.

I’m changing business direction and refining my niche back to small town small business and away from the survivor work that I’ve been involved in over the past three years. While I’ve grown so much on a personal level from the survivor experience, I’ve come to realize that it no longer serves me.

Plus the fact of the matter is that I’m better suited to the work involved in helping small town small businesses overcome their business marketing struggles.

It’s what I do every day at Community Futures Yellowhead East so instead of fighting it- I’m expanding it.

For the few of you who have been following me for my TRIUMPH side – I’ll be creating a resource book soon of all the contacts in survivor-land so that you aren’t left hanging. There are so many incredible people involved in helping others to heal – and I’ve come to realize I’m not meant to sit among them but to dive in to what I love the most.

Marketing. Specifically marketing small town small businesses and helping owners to create strong foundations.

I’ve changed the main pages of the website today and will be archiving blog posts and re-arranging articles over the coming days. I’m starting from scratch -so would appreciate any help in getting the world out to any small town small business owners that you know that could use my marketing assistance and training. New members to the list will get 30% off their first order towards any product or service which include business coaching and business training geared towards small town small business owners.

Welcome to the new – back where it all began! But better.

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