Who needs SoloMasterminds and Why?

You’ll save thousands of dollars and months of time with SoloMasterminds. I’ve been a member since it was under different branding. I think it was somewhere between 8 and 10 years now. The founders, members and current owner are all dynamic & amazing people who are making a difference in business and the world. They’re great moms (well and dads and single people…it’s really not just moms there anymore) and great people.

So I know that if you are serious about working from home and using online marketing to sell your skills, services or products online that a membership at SoloMasterminds is going to be an investment that pays for itself long after your fees are paid.

One of the best features of SoloMasterminds is that your fees are limited. You can pay up front for a discount and bonuses – or pay monthly for a limited period of time. (A year if I recall correctly…it’s been a long time since I worried about paying for my space there and I still get all the new resources as they come available to members)

If you’re starting out as a do-it-yourself-er who is going to have to bootstrap your way to success – it’s worth setting aside the money to get yourself a membership as soon as you can afford to invest.

It can be a big step to invest in a monthly membership for your business, I know because I was about 3 years into working online before I came across SoloMasterminds and it took somewhere around a year of finding them to actually sign up. It was the first paid Mastermind group I chose to join.

There’s only one other online marketing membership site that I’ve found since that is as open to newcomers and as easy to understand. I didn’t remain a member of the other one because while it was comprehensive and friendly it didn’t provide and appreciable difference from the content I already had access to through SoloMasterminds.

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