As I work towards getting this site ready for public consumption, I’ve been asking for feedback. And through that feedback a question arose – “Why Entrepreneurship?”

Quite simply because poverty is to real of a consequence for survivors according to these to facts about women from the Canadian Women’s Federation

Women who leave a partner to raise children on their own are more than five times likely to live in poverty than if they stay with their partner.

There’s plenty of evidence showing abused women sometimes stay in abusive relationships because they know that leaving will plunge themselves and their children into poverty.

And outside of education – which is often expensive and hard to navigate with kids in tow – often discouraged and undermined within abusive relationships – entrepreneurship seems an obvious option as a means to escape or recover from a desperate situation.

And it’s what I know.

Having been a work at home mom long before there were nearly as many resources and options than exist today, I know it can be done. I know it can be a path to a brighter future. It can give you the means to avoid staying or becoming a statistic.

You don’t have to choose between financial freedom and true freedom – entrepreneurship can provide a foundation for both.

It’s not the only path to successfully navigating out of and beyond a high conflict relationship, but it’s the one that I know and one that I can offer to the world as hope for a brighter future.

That is “Why Entrepreneurship?”

Because it’s what I’ve been uniquely created to provide through circumstance and experience (or destiny…or fate…depending on what school of thought you come from…)

For those following a different path, you may not get much from my work at home resources, but the information on general abuse recovery – including the resources on mindset, assertiveness, setting and maintaining boundaries, budgeting and parenting will likely be valuable.

To be the first to know when new resources become available, be sure to sign up for my personal resource list. I believe I still have some re-writing to do in the funnel there (as I mentioned before I’m not quite ready for public consumption but I’m feverishly working away at getting there in my spare hours)

Till next time


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