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 I’ve been a work at home mom for nearly 19 years. I became an online entrepreneur about 15 years ago. Many who I’ve networked with and worked for have become millionaires over the years. Others have disappeared back into the woodwork of employment and mediocre lives. 

I, as so often has been the theme of my life, am in the middle. I’m not rich, but I’m not mediocre. I still love working from home, but I have the most amazing and fulfilling day job ever. 

I have not achieved vast financial success. I’ve ranged from supplementing my income to making a living and back again. 

So how come I’m not rich? 

If you believe the online marketing hype, I should have my empire built and been making money in my sleep consistently for over a decade. 

But that is not what happened, and I’m still not “rich”.  And that is a-ok by me. I’m not lamenting the lack, just explaining a fact. I am not rich and the reason is very simple. 

Because that’s never been my goal. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dreamed of big pay days and a luxury laptop lifestyle. For about a nano-second. It’s not the life I crave, and I’ve never been willing to do the work. Able, I have no doubt that I am – but that’s never been my goal. 

Some say that’s an excuse. That I’m not dreaming big enough. They think I should be playing a bigger game. 
“They” don’t count in my equation. Just because they think that way doesn’t make me wrong, just different. 

Because it’s not a game. It’s my life. 

And while I do have bigger vision than the life I currently have, I am working towards it slowly. I know life is short, but being in the moment and knowing joy and contentment in where I am and how far I’ve come is much more meaningful to me than hustling for a future that may or may not be waiting for me. 

My world vision is massive, but my personal lifestyle vision – not so much. A cabin-style home in an acreage wood not to far from town, a garden, some animals, a workshop, wi-fi and books. I don’t need to be rich for that. 

So why stress myself out for something I don’t really need? 

Why should I be shamed for not wanting more, for not having an abundant-enough attitude? 

Of course, it’s only shame if I accept it. 

And I don’t. 

I don’t judge those who want more – vacations in the tropics and luxury brand name accessories from world renowned designers are legitimate enough wants. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. I don’t want to be judged for not wanting those things. 

There will be those that say you should never hire a coach who hasn’t done what you want to achieve and I totally believe in that. So if you hire me to learn about making a living from home in the midst of or recovering from a TAR (toxic abusive relationship) I am not going to be talking about six figure launches and faking confidence to set yourself up as a coach in a field you’ve never conquered. 

I’m about helping guide you to tools and resources that can help you create a meaningful business (or find a meaningful job) from home that provides a living wage or better. 

If that doesn’t suit you, I can send you on to those who wanted to crack the six figure code and legitimately did. 

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