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Starting a work at home business is the straightest path to changing your life that I know of. Whether you sell a product, a service or decide that you are going to be an affiliate or online marketer. There are thousands of paths to success, but only one starting point.

A website.

In today’s marketplace, without a website you might as well not be in business! Yes, Facebook has a place and email is still essential, but without a website you have no online core. 

So you need a website and blog, okay? 

Now if you have $1000 or more, don’t even bother with the do it yourself route. This method is for tightwads and the desperate only!! You’ll get to your destination much faster (and with less headaches) if you simply hire a good designer (You want my workshop dedicated to finding the most perfect designer for you…)

But if you have a low budget or no budget at all – then keep reading and I’ll show you how to build your website for as little as $100!

If you want to change your life…

If you want to get your business started…

If it’s time for you to take the bull by the horns and finally learn WordPress, this workshop is for you!

This workshop will walk you through everything! Step by step with multi-media support so you can learn the way and pace that works for you. 

You’ll learn the basics – from how to install WordPress to how to create posts and pages.

You’ll learn which pages your website needs – and how to create easy navigation, so your readers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

You’ll learn how to personalize the back end of your site, by adding the plugins you need, as well as how to customize the appearance of your site with a customized home page and header.

Learning WordPress will save you time and money! You won’t need to hire a designer and wait for them to set up your site or make changes to your existing site. But you’ll know exactly who to hire when (and if) you outsource later on. After you take this workshop, you’ll know how to do these things yourself!

You Will Receive Immediate Access To The Following 12 Videos:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Settings – Tools – Comments
  • Choosing A Theme
  • Updating WordPress
  • Plugins
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Posts
  • Inserting Photos & Videos
  • Categories & Tags
  • Creating Menus & Navigation
  • Sidebars, Widgets, and Customized Home Page
  • Creating & Installing Customized Headers

That is everything you need to build and launch your website inside videos you can access at any time at your own pace. But I’m not going to just open access to these videos and leave you to muddle it all out on your own. This workshop comes with email support, I’ll be keeping in touch with updates and you can send me questions if you get stuck or stumped applying the techniques to your site.

In addition to the twelve videos and ongoing email support…

You will also receive a checklist for each video, PLUS – the following workbooks:

  • Welcome To WordPress – 10 Things To Do Right Away
  • Make Sure Your Website + Blog Are Making A Good First Impression
  • 10 Things Every Website + Blog Need
  • Plugins To Help Power Your Website + Blog
  • 10 Things To Do AFTER Your Website + Blog Are Set Up


Now, let’s just stop and think for a second about how much this workshop could be worth to you? I’ve already told you that your total investment will be as little as $101 but the value will far exceed the cost if you apply what you learn. 

How much do you think would be fair for a workshop that walks you through everything you need to know to build a website some designers will certainly charge you $1500, $3000, $5000 or more?

How much is it worth to learn a skill that will help you attract customers and make money for years to come?

What would you pay?

I’ve personally delivered the information contained in this workshop at ticket prices of between $195 and $997 over the years. But that is not what I’m charging here and now. 

I know what you would pay and what you can pay are radically different. Unlike many coaches and consultants that you’ll find chasing high end clients, the people I love working with simply don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to spend on a workshop. At least not yet! In time, with hard work – high end workshops may be within your budget, but right now, no matter how information packed or life transforming it might be, you’re not able to commit to much more than $100.

That’s why this digital workshop can be yours now

for the quick action price of just $47

*The rest of your website building budget will go to your domain name, hosting & template. I’ll explain the whole process in your first lesson.

So now that price can’t stop you from taking a huge step forward in your business and towards changing your life, what’s stopping you? You can start today. Learn how to build your own effective, well designed website designed to attract your target market. Click the buy now button and let’s get started!

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