This morning posted a a story about a woman providing free scar-site tattoos for survivors. I think it’s a brilliant and sweet empowering ideas. I have no scars, but I wanted a tattoo when marriage ended. I didn’t get one and I’m okay with that now, but it was once a battleground. 

My ex hated tattoos on women.  Or so he said – he brought home a poster of a heavily tattooed woman from the stripper bar once, so I’m pretty sure it was more of hating tattoos on a specific woman. Me. 

I once won a gift certificate that would have paid for most, if not all of the tattoo I wanted. A Celtic cross. I didn’t want it enough to defy him and the gift certificate expired before my marriage did. 

I could probably get one now. But I don’t want to anymore. It’s no longer a desire now that there’s no opposition. Or perhaps I am simply cheap. $350 is a lot of money. I have other things I’d rather spend my money on. 

Are there things you thought you’d do in the freedom years that you haven’t? Do you think you will one day or has the desire faded? 

Share your ideas in the comments or PM me on Facebook to connect with the secret group for Support for Survivor Entrepreneurs if you’d like to share. 

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