I’ll make it prettier as time goes on, but for now I’m just making a text outline 🙂


January One Day To Be Ex (ODTBX) was born/ Characters


My parents met/ May 25, 2013 – Foundations


November – I was born

1977 Moved to Edmonton
1989 Moved to Kimberley
1990 Met ODTBX
1997 Became a mom
1999 Became a mom of two
2000 Became published author for first time

 2000 Became a Christian

2001 Became wife of ODTBX officially

2002 Became a mom of three
2006 Moved to Whitecourt
2010 Had best career year
April -Dragon in law dies
November – Separated from ODTBX
October – The locksmith spots me
March The locksmith and I date
June ODTBX convinces children to move

August – The children move
November The locksmith and I move in together
I’ve gained 56 lbs
February – I start working to reduce
Small successes spur me to start living again

I begin again – blogging, business and blessings – it doesn’t last

September – Stop identifying as Christian


Quit smoking


January – Quit my job at a local restaurant in a bad way.


14: Hosted first Love Yourself Extravaganza – Started smoking again

22: Did a radical and sudden rebrand of my business site.

March – Realized my rebrand was too late and my heart wasn’t in it. Got a day job at a daycare.


Landed a wonderful new job with a great organization 


Met and was inspired by Barb Stegeman

Created a personal mission statement and began to speak




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