I had a question recently about how I justified sharing so publicly the details of my life – “What if your children see it?”

“They lived it – so none of it is really new to them.”

I do try to keep some of the details and circumstances of incidents private, out of respect for them and for you – my audience. You don’t need every sordid detail or to know the particulars of every fight or argument to benefit from my experiences.

So I’m not overly concerned about what my children may read here.

Though I doubt they will seek out my writings on purpose. They might come across a link here or there, on my Facebook page or Twitter feed – but I don’t know whether they’d be inclined to click.

So what if my children see it?

I hope they gain better understanding of what I went through, and an understanding of how they can help the other survivors they are bound to meet in their life. I hope they see the hope in my story which is partly their story – I hope they appreciate the struggle and the triumph. I hope they’re proud of me and what I seek to do. And I hope they talk to me and share their thoughts on all of it with me.



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