I know a boy, lying in the hospital today. Stabbed. 4 times. Head bashed a bit too. He’ll be okay, as okay as he’s ever been.

Only he’s not a boy. He’s a man. And I don’t know him. Not really. I know the boy he used to be and my heart aches for what could have been, what should have been. And it is not this.

His mother was my friend, we once shared coffee, confidences and childcare. I know she tried her best to raise him right, but all the try in the world can be rendered powerless in the face of abuse.

It’s statistical reality.  Abused children make headlines. Not that the story is likely to go that deep.

Man stabbed, police investigating. That is all.

A child of domestic violence, a child at least once beaten as far as I know – knowing that it is seldom ever once. A child who watched his mother berated, belittled and beaten. For him to be a victim of violence is not without precedence. One could almost sadly say that it’s somewhat predictable.

Society cared enough about his plight long enough to throw an an alphabets soup of letters at him to describe his maladjustment – ADHD, ODD, whatever flavour of the week – but didn’t, as far as I could tell, stick around with therapy and support.

He was never officially diagnosed with having an  asshole for a father, but that – in my mind- is why he lies in the hospital today. Stable. Going to be okay.Going to live to see another day.

I pray that he make it a better one but fear he’s still going to be punk ass angry at the world and ready to dish back out what’s just been delivered…

Le sigh, Mom says it’s not his fault.

And it’s not.

Except  he knew damn well that if you run with wolves, you are at some point going to get bit. Hard. I know you told him that, over and over. It’s past time for letting him off the hook for his own stupid ass decisions.

He’s got to realize at some point that we have the power to stop blaming our parents and start raising ourselves out of whatever legacy they left us – and no matter how shitty it has been we can find people who have had it worse! We can’t forever cry “woe is me, it’s not my fault” because it’s not anyone’s fault-  it just is. You can either accept that and suck it up and be the best person you can be…




Kids. They’ll do the most fucked up things to make you cry.

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