The question often gets bandied about. I think about it now and then. What’s your why?

It used to be easy. I started my first business so I didn’t have to put my son in industrial daycare so I could work a retail job.

Now? The answer is still easy. The doing much harder.

To change the world.

One person at a time, to be sure. Starting with me. Absolutely. But I will leave change in my wake.

The original plan is much bigger than it was 19 years ago.

I just wanted to be a mom. A mom with an income. A mom that became a daycare to avoid leaving her child in one. And I did that. It’s done.


Now, I change the world. So no mom is scared of dad.

Yes, the answer is different now. Still easy in the saying, but the doing is much, much harder.

But there’s no turning back.

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