I was born on the fence, so to speak. Half white and half East Indian – it was an automatic “in the middle” situation. Existing, I simply was in the middle. And there I’ve been ever since.

In the middle. I’ve struggled with it. Wrestled. Buried and hid from it.

The middle is not a good place. It’s a stuck place. You must always aim for the top. The middle is where mediocrity lives.

Ultimately, I’ve never been able to move away from the fence-sitting role.

So I’ve been forced to re-frame it.

The middle is my strength. My ability to see both sides. Not just on issues of race, but on the many other things I end up finding myself in the middle of.

Christianity and New Age and Eastern Spirituality and Philosophy

I believe in discipline but not corporal punishment (spanking)

My babies wore cloth when it was convenient, and disposable when it wasn’t

I had natural childbirths, but in a hospital

I was an extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby carrying, solid delaying, selectively vaxing mom

I worked from home as long as I could, but occasionally needed childcare myself

I believe in higher education but only have a high school diploma and a couple of certificates

I’m in the middle but I am not stuck. I know who I am and where I am. I am in the middle and I am okay with that.

It is not stuck. It is not mediocre.

It simply is.

It’s simply me.

The middle.

Center of Attention.

That’s not me.

But it’s going to be.






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