The Characters

While I write this blog in my own name and refuse to hide behind the veil of anonymity for myself, I don’t want to impose my will on others…so everyone else in my life gets nicknames unless they agree/give me written permission to use their real name.


OTDBX – My one day to be ex husband, legally we’re still married, but one or the other of us will begin the proceedings and process as soon as we get the money together. He was an abusive alcoholic (my opinion), I was a lying whore (his opinion, obviously, I have perfectly good explanations for all that!)

We loved each other once. Now he hates me and I alternate between praying for and pitying him.

One thing I don’t do is miss him.

The Monkeys
Collectively the children ODTBX and I share. Gamer, Joker & Dancer.

He has physical custody of all three of them at present. Not because of legal orders but because I didn’t know how to fight for them without it being horrendous for them. It’s bad enough without a dirty legal battle for now.

Dancer says he wants to come with me and the locksmith, but I’m not sure if it will come to pass as easily as we wish it could be.

16 yr old computer addict, with occasional interest in Magic, WarHammer and Settlers of Catan.

14 yr old ball of sarcasm and sexual interest and innuendo, very much his father’s son…though hopefully more focused and less self destructive in the long run.

10 yr old extrovert trapped in an introvert family. A sensitive but positive soul, he’s danced for me on Mother’s Day (and other days) and tells me often that he thinks I’m an awesome mom. I’ve held on to that with all my might through his fathers tirades to the opposite.

The Locksmith
My new man. He puts up with a lot from me, but he knew it would be a bit of a roller coaster when he first encountered me. He claims I’m worth it, so I try to believe him and live up to the confidence he has in me.

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