Even though I didn’t sign up for the What Would Awesome You Do? challenge, for the current round, my participation in April inspired me to keep the basics of awesomization in mind. Today would’ve been a good day to share there.

I’ve worked hard today, under the hood of this website. My skills are a bit rusty, but I’m poking along, fairly proud of what has been accomplished so far. It felt good to be working for myself today. It’s not perfect, but it’s coming together – and it’s mine!

Well – it has my name on it- but as the new header says it’s all about you – dear reader – making you feel comfortable and cared for as you sift through the tough tasks of dealing with the fallout of a high conflict relationship.
Thanks to all the friends who have sent feedback and thoughts on the progress. I so appreciate your support and your opinions on how to create the best experience for my audience.

As I began to reflect on my day, the overwhelming feeling (outside the whole pride of accomplishment thing that still makes me feel slightly guilty) is one of gratitude.

And that brings such a sense of joy – being grateful without concerted and deliberate effort has been a hard-won battle.

I am not quite sure when I was first introduced to the attitude of gratitude concept. It was with me long before Oprah brought it into pop culture. In any case,  it took forever (or so it seemed) to get to the point where it did not feel forced.  It was undoubtedly worth the effort, but it took time for it to feel natural.

Your takeaway thought for today: Don’t stress if healthy behaviours feel uncomfortable to you – this is normal adjustment anxiety. If you’ve lived with abuse your comfort zone will be distorted and it will take time and effort for healthy to be your new normal!  Practice until health becomes a habit.

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