So…I’m on my second day job since my last post.

My re-tooling of Marketing Witchcraft into Patrysha Publicity (which I just discovered is down, but I’ll deal with that after I write and post and hope it’s not too complicated an issue) proved to be a case of too little, too late. While things were gaining steam. I had run out of time. It was time to get a real job. At least for a little while, so I could re-group, reconsider and not let the poor Locksmith continue all the financial lifting around here…bad enough the poor man does all the cooking and most of the cleaning.

So, I got a job. At a daycare of all places. Back to basics. My go-to for emergency income since 1997.

I was there for just under 3 months – then I found my dream job that I never knew existed.  As of last Monday, I am the new Business Advisor for Community Futures Yellowhead East.

And I love it.

In a completely different way than I loved working from home. But it’s right – for right now.

I have a plan. I plan to share that plan, but not yet.

Till next time.



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