There are no special skills required to become self-employed. You simply have to have an idea and the willingness to do what it takes to make your idea make money. Everything about entrepreneurship is learn-able.  To be successful the only two things you really have to bring to the table are desire and faith. The desire to succeed and faith that you can.

But while I’m a huge proponent of business as a legitimate path to freedom for survivors, it’s not for everyone. So if you’re finding the prospects of self-employment and entrepreneurship unappealing – you’ll want to stick to the abuse and background categories – and ignore the business ideas and recommendations.

Not everyone is suited for it, and it’s understandable that after years on an emotional roller coaster, the last thing you may want is to face the risk and uncertainty that come with running your own business.

That’s okay too…

But before you dismiss the idea of starting your own business completely, you may want to take some time to explore the possibilities and potential – and be sure it’s not just incorrect perceptions and misguided myths scaring you.



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