I’m on the deck, smoking (yeah I know, spare me the lectures…I’ll slay that dragon later…I’ll explain in another post).

The locksmith will be here soon.

He texted.

He’s taking us out to dinner. Us being me and the boys. They’re here! They have been since last Saturday. They’ll be here till Monday.

At least the older two, the eldest and middle are going back to their Dad’s (I hate calling it home…home should be with mama…but that’s another post too)

I have to put so much off to other posts…so much goes swimming around in my head.

Dinner out on Friday night is tradition for the Locksmith and I. He cooks every day but Friday.

But we haven’t done it with the boys…I usually pick up fast food on our arrival in town so we can eat as soon as we unload!

Looks like we’ll be going to the restaurant I work at and with 🙂

The boys and I voted…we had three places to choose from that fit our affordability range.

Hope it’s not as slammed as it is at lunchtime!

Till next time!

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