If you haven’t yet heard of Kelly McCausey, you should really check out her latest project, Big Tree Income. I have to admit I haven’t exactly absorbed all the details, as I’ve been writing scripts and finalizing graphics rather than really paying attention to the leaders in the online marketing field that I have admired and followed in the past. I understand that there is a deadline, so you’ll want to check out the details for yourself and see if it’s right for you at this time.

She was (and still is) as single mom when I first met her on Ryze. That was a social network that existed before Facebook. Yes, there were social networks before Facebook. They are where I formed my first (what they now call, according to Kimra Luna’s #freedomhackers) brand crushes.

Ali Brown, Angela Giles Klocke, Leesa Barnes, Kelly McCausey, Nicole Dean…I’m sure I could go on. There were many. And I learned from them all.

I believe you have to learn from a lot of sources to find your way to success online. And you have to choose mentors and people to follow who are genuine, trustworthy and who you relate to. There are many dark pockets online, places where the innocent and naive become re-victimized by schemers. You’ll want (and need) to keep your guard up about trusting too easily, but at the same time, move forward with the knowledge there are wonderful success stories that started in ways not too different from your own.

That’s how I know Big Tree Income is going to be awesome, without even really knowing the details. Kelly is the real deal and she doesn’t spout ridiculous things about the reality of working from home – she doesn’t tout get rich quick schemes or woo-woo philosophies or make empty promises of making hundreds of thousands of dollars in stupendously short amounts of time. You’re safe with her if you’re looking to start a solid business based on who you are and where you want to go.


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