I mention Angela Giles Klocke in my “why video” – she’s a writer, photographer and another crusader in the fight against domestic violence. I “met” her at the beginning of my journey as a writer and business owner.  (I put met in quotation marks because it has not yet been a real life thing…)

I am not sure now whether it was Momwriters that led to Themestream or the other way around – but somehow we connected back then. She was one of the first editor/publishers to pay for my writing back then when there was no Facebook or Twitter or YouTube – she published a print and mail newsletter back then called “The Writing Parent”. Most recently she walked for me – shes walked over 1000 miles now, praying for the victims and survivors of domestic violence over the past year and a half.

I would’ve loved her even if she didn’t have the name of my favourite sister, favourite cousin and (now) favourite co-worker. The name Angela has been hugely significant in my life from the start and they’ve all been amazing people. Funny how life is serendipitous like that.

I remember thinking that as far back as Themestream.

My ex was alerted to what I wrote there and demanded I stopped writing there because people he knew were reading it. In private I yelled that nothing I wrote was untrue and if he wanted me to re-write it, he had to re-write his behaviour. But in public, I pulled down all the posts related to his drinking, his name-calling and his jealousy and accusations. I took it all back because he told me to.

I loved him then. Believed he would change. Believed that talking poorly about him reflected badly on me. That somehow because this was lurking, I was somehow responsible for keeping it under cover of darkness.

Now, for those who are young or simply unfamiliar, Themestream was a website that no longer exists. Many things were different about the internet back in 1997. Back then there were different ways of making money online as a writer and this was one of them. It was much like a group blog might be today, except that you got paid directly for views. When I started writing there,  they would pay you 10 cents a view for readers. It was a great way to make easy money online if you could write and attract traffic, but it didn’t last long. My time there ended before they eliminated all pay and then disappeared into the digital abyss.

Angela wrote there too.

And I read her story of teen motherhood and domestic violence and love and new beginnings.

So I’ve watched from the sideline for years…this woman so wise beyond her years that even though she’s chronologically younger than me has been a beacon of hope for me.

Angela led me to Ali Brown, who I’ll write about next, who inspired me in different ways.

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