I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, but journal and blog entries have always been sporadic at best. I intend to change that, here and now. It’s time for growth, time to change.

I have blogged on and off over the years, feeble attempts to chronicle my fickle career path…from freelance writer to radio sales and back again to writing words of promotion…

But this place is not about the words that pay my bills, but the ones that build my mind and feed my soul. A place to discuss abuse, addiction, mental illness, co-depency, parenting, theology, mindset and weight loss.

Opening the door to my not so private life…because I am sure my pains and struggles must have some sort of purpose or lesson. I hope they find some sort of value and worth on the lives of others.

Perhaps it’s nothing more than ego urging me onwards – well so be it- people with much less to share pontificate daily…so can I!

And if nobody reads it, I need to learn to let that go…

Life is too short to let the niggles hold me back.

And so we begin…

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