Christmas Tree Whitecourt 2015

Christmas 2015

The Locksmith is in the kitchen getting his Christmas groove on with Eggs Benedict and we’re talking about the food for the cabin Christmas we’re dreaming about for next year. 

Yes, it’s true. This Christmas is still in progress and we’re making bold plans for next year. 

Not that this day hasn’t been fabulous so far. Except for the endless waiting for the Locksmith to wake up this morning. Three and a half hours. Torture. But I was so excited when it ended! 

I crafted his presents myself. Tshirts from Walmart with Ink Jet Iron on transfers. I think I may write a review of the process. I should have taken pictures. I always think of these things later. 

Yes, I know I say shop small, but I couldn’t think of one place in town with plain tshirts for men other than Walmart.  
I also always say beware of copyright, but I have to admit I just outright copied locksmith tshirt quotes for this project. Not entirely kosher – but I talked myself into it as they are for personal use and not for profit-making. 


Embellished white t shirt Keep Calm & Listen to the Locksmith

Chive On Locksmith style

Embellished white t shirt You are looking at a brilliant locksmith

Brilliance in Action

Embellished red tshirt  I'm a locksmith and i love my job

Love my job

Embellished grey t-shirt The man , the myth, the locksmith

Man – Myth – Locksmith

Embellished red t-shirt You are looking at a badass locksmith

Red Alert: Badass Locksmith

I got a Kindle Paperwhite and I am beyond thrilled with it. He even got me a gorgeous leather case to protect it and insurance just in case. I know most financial experts advise against protection, but I’ve never regretted buying it. I’m rather adept at breaking things in odd ways. 

Baking after Bennies and then I’ll be working more in my Shining Year Business Planner. I printed in black and white this year. 

More later. 

Breakfast is served! 

I am soooo lucky. 

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