Leesa Renee Hall posted an intriguing query this morning…

“We hide behind masks on social media and it’s damaging our connections, confidence – and even cashflow.”

Any resources (books, articles, people) you can recommend to support this statement?

If you know of any I’m sure she’d appreciate a recommend, but I personally think masks are necessary.

At least as I understand them, filters of what you share where. And what other people are entitled to know (I don’t think we owe them much really) and the context of what you are saying.

Social media in its proper place is an adjunct to life, not a central part. It’s a public sphere, not a private one. A reflection and representation  of life, not the totality of it. 

I don’t think masks are entirely out of place here.

Its not about being fake, it’s about being real. Social media is not the place to have it all hanging out. Especially if removing the masks opens you to judgement in cases where it’s really none of their business.

There are some battles you don’t need to go down in public. If you are a crusader you may feel differently, but you don’t have to take centre stage with your inner space unless you want to. 

In the cases of the once and currently abused

  • Not everyone has their personal and professional lives seperated online. 
  • Not everyone is a safe person. 

Family, at times, can be the least safe people on the planet. We can, in theory at least jettison these people if they’re too toxic, but most survivors struggle with that – so it’s simply not realistic to say our lives are full of loving, understanding people no matter how lucky we’ve been in cultivating friendships and business prospects that “get” us. 

By all means, remove your masks in private. Be authentic in your business and private life. Be brutally honest with yourself and gaze into your life with clear eyes. 

But you don’t have to be vulnerable on social media unless it suits you.

I think that might be one thing those of us with dark paths fear…that being in business and leadership means losing that level of privacy and choice that masks provide. 

The truth is we only need to put out there what is required to sell our product or service. In some cases, it calls for exposing pasts and inner wounds – but there are thousands of business choices that don’t require more from people than the knowledge you can solve their problem. 

The problem with masks is not in the wearing them, but in remembering to take them off. Learning not to believe your own hype and remembering who you are is more important in maintaining connections, confidence and cash flow than the wearing of public masks. 

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