I set a lot of huge goals for 2014. I followed through with only one of them, and even that – inconsistently. Yet, it’s been the best year ever in terms of personal and business growth and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for what I had initially planned.

(The one I followed was weight loss – I set out to lose 52 and ended up leveling off for the season at 30lb down. And truthfully, I’m quite ecstatic about that…)

I found my dream job this year. I didn’t even know it existed (not really) when last year ended and this one began. This time last year, I was working at an entry level job in a mid-range restaurant. I had an online business that I was desperately struggling to re-brand and I wasn’t sure how to define myself.

2014 was going to my breakthrough year. I was going to buckle down and go for my goals. I was going to stop doubting myself and step forth in faith and confidence and do what I do best.

Oh well, a year delay in the scheme of life is nothing compared to the confidence and peace that comes from having found my purpose.

If I had moved forward last year, my focus would have been on publicity, on providing services and info products that are geared towards getting free media coverage for a small or home based business. I had this vague plan of moving forward with A Man is Not A Plan, but something about it didn’t feel quite right in my heart* and I didn’t move forward with the steps I’d laid out on the eve of last year.

And I’m glad I didn’t – because I wouldn’t have been able to see clear to this coming year and the plans I have for it – if I hadn’t gone off course last year.

I am grateful for the experience of setting my goals last year, even if none of them came to full fruition. This year I’m going a new direction with my planning – and using new tools to reach my goals.

Last year I used the guidance of Susan Baroncini-Moe to set my goals. Well that and the aid of a couple of support groups. I lost touch with most of them as I lost touch with the goals I’d originally set.

This year I’m using the Create Your Shining Year Calendar and Workbook, along with the wheels from last year’s materials (I printed them out in November). I’m also using the Blog Energizer Free Blogging Calendar and Planner to map out my content and offers. My personality is not one that is good with routines or goals, but I realize how important they are to my success. And my success is the cornerstone of my vision.

I’ll be revealing more about my vision as the year goes on.

For now, I have so much planning and dreaming to do, that my knees are shaking and my fingers are trembling – off to fill in pages of my workbook and start shaping my desires for a brighter future for myself (and hopefully those who come to shape their own futures by escaping abuse and building their own business legacies.)

What are you doing to ready yourself for the new year? Do you have big dreams or has life got you questioning your faith as you go through a rough time? Even though life today looks bright, I remember the dark days and hope that if you are going through a hard time and can’t relate to my optimism or goal setting outlook – that you can at least know that there are ways out of the darkness.

*note to self: Write a post on why it didn’t feel right in my heart


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