Some people imagine that working from home simply must be this elaborate affair. That to be a legitimate business you must have this or that or the other thing. All you really need to have is a customer willing to pay for what you have to offer. It’s really not much more complicated than that.

Except for licensing.

And zoning.

And taxes.

But that part all comes after you’ve sorted out how to make some money. And there are a few things you can do from home that don’t involve licensing or zoning. In some towns, you have to get a business license for having any business from home. For locals, we are lucky that Whitecourt is not one of them.

However, even if that is the case – there are still a few things that you can do from home without triggering the need for a license. One of them being mystery shopping.

Now, you do have to be careful as there are scam companies out there. Watch out for red flags and stick with reputable companies. And beware, you will not get rich mystery shopping.

However, it’s a good way to stretch your budget. It barely pays for your time by the time you complete the shop and evaluation, but it pays. And for many families that can go a long way.

A few years ago I worked for a company that paid $15 for a gas station evaluation. A visit isn’t going to fill the tank, but every little bit helps. I’ll be trying a new company for an oil change soon. I needed an oil change anyway, so this frees up money for other things in the budget.

Every little bit helps and even though the pay off isn’t huge, it always made more sense to me that couponing (I could never find coupons for things I actually bought!)

Other options that eliminate licensing issues include work at home jobs. That’s not quite the same as a work at home business. It provides lots less freedom, but it does provide a paycheck. Of course, the usual caution applies. Don’t fall for too good to be true promises, and never pay for an opportunity. Now, that doesn’t mean you should avoid paying for training if you’re launching your own business, but you should never have to pay for training to qualify for a job.

If you’re ever stumped on an offer, don’t hesitate to ask for help.


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