A few weeks back, I read an ad that resonated with me. I knew it would end in a pitch for a high end coaching program. Or at least I assumed it would. It didn’t. So I don’t know whether it was high end, just that it wasn’t the right fit.

And I am okay with that.

I’m sure it was supposed to make me feel bad. Inferior. To be told to connect again when I was “more abundant minded” and “ready to invest in myself”. Or maybe I’m imagining things and she did simply mean we weren’t the right fit.

Of course we’re not. She wasn’t wrong. My outlook is less than abundant. But I’m not embarrassed by it. It’s just who I am. Sure, I’m less than abundant,  but I am more than blessed.

And it’s not that I don’t respect those who want a more lavish income or those who achieve it. I understand all the concepts in theory and can handily recommend more aligned mentors for survivors who aspire towards abundance driven business ventures. That’s just not what business has ever been about for me.  It’s never been about reaching maximum velocity and profit within the shortest time frame. I’m not afraid of growing slow.

I think it’s wiser. Less disappointing. More dependable.

It’s what is familiar to me. I know how to make a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars a month consistently. For me, that was more than enough.

This all started because I didn’t want to leave my son at a daycare center to go to work. I was only going to be making $8 and change plus commission if I had returned to work. I wasn’t coming out of some corporate job with a middle management salary. I was only one step up from the bottom of the employment totem pole. About what was expected for a 24 year old with only a high school diploma with experiences limited to entry level positions in food service and retail.

I didn’t expect to make a million dollars.

And I haven’t.


It’s not that I think it’s impossible. It just hasn’t been a goal. And no why has risen high enough on my priorities to make it a goal.

So, yeah…I lack an attitude of abundance.

I’m okay with that.

Are you?




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