I’m a huge believer that a home based job or business can be an ideal solution for the abused wife who has been out of the workforce for many years. There are some huge drawbacks to starting a home business (which I’ll cover in another post) as a newly single mama, but it can be a viable option for many.

There are so many options you can pursue depending on your talents, skills and interests.

One of those options is General Transcription.

You can find out what a day in the life of a home based business owner who provides general transcription in a free webinar on August 5th.

One of my friends at Solo Masterminds has been a transcriptionist for years. Between her and her co-host they have 16 years of experience that they’ll be sharing to help you decide if getting the training will be worth the costs.

For more information and to register visit Day in Life Webinar 

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