In advance of the celebration

My youngest turns 14

img_6912I am acutely aware, for some reason, this morning that in many cultures my job as a mother would be officially done. Today or on this day in the past two years, depending on the tradition really.

My youngest turns 14 today.

Holy time travel! I want to sit in awe of all of the events of the last 14 years…but I don’t have time for that. I have an interview to do. This time as the guest of a podcast instead of a host. Then it’s off to the city – to deliver the giganta-present and watch Fantastic Beasts.

Three boys to fourteen with only one broken bone and no arrests among them. I outdid my mother in law! Though I guess she only technically had two boys.

I’d take time to giggle about that and wonder about heaven and hell and spirits – but I have to go put on my game face. (Which I try to keep as much like my real face as possible…just smoother with fancier lips and eyes.) I’m not clear on whether this one is video or audio so I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Till next time,

Have an amazing weekend!





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