File 2016-03-27, 9 49 02 AMI can tell you that it is possible, because I did it. Before it was really a thing. Truly, you would not believe how much the work at home industry has changed and grown since I started out.  I made a living from home as my children grew. Even with a less than ideal relationship raging on around me. I was deep in TAR (a Toxic Abusive Relationship) and yet I muddled through as a work at home mom and gave the boys I best I could through their childhood.

And it’s even more lucrative and supportive now. Now more than ever it is truly possible for new moms to work from home than it has ever been. The landscape was different in 1997, but the basics to getting paid for staying home never change.

However, you should be warned…I am not talking about a free ride here.

No one will pay you good money for no return. No business works that way.

Getting paid to stay at home was work! And sacrifice and juggling and stress and moments of misery.

It wasn’t a get paid just for motherhood and housework. Which in my case is good because housework was the bane of my existence. I would not be paid well for my skill set in that aspect of household management!

Also, I did not make millions. I made a living. An above minimum wage living. A pay the bills, but not a lot of luxuries living.

I know people who have gone the luxury lifestyle route, if that’s who you want to connect to. Not all the stories of online and network marketing success are lies. There’s just more to the story than what you see on the surface. It is possible, simply not my style or focus. I can introduce you to good resources for people who have gone that route though.

I call it a good life, what I had. Maybe you will too. I didn’t need six figures for success – being with my boys was all the success I ever needed. Even if life went sideways and they’re becoming men with less of me than I ever imagined…but that’s a post for another day.

Just over 19 years ago (January 8th) I gave birth to the first of three sons. Just under 19 years ago (July 2), I opened my first home based business. It wasn’t earth shattering or life changing. And I didn’t stick with that particular brand of business beyond the first 2 years. But it was the beginning.

That was a home daycare, still a viable and bill paying option for young moms with the personality and stamina for it. That’s the thing, to make money from home – you have to choose something that fits you and that you love.

But before that even, you have to sort out if you have what it takes to be a work from home parent. It is not for the faint of heart.

I’ll be hosting a free webinar soon on exactly how to figure out if working from home is right for you. If you’d be interested in attending, be sure to sign up for my Triumphant Tales contact list.

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