You may have noticed that I dropped off again after the last episode of Triumphant Tales. There’s a great reason for that and it has nothing to do with losing confidence but of a striving to deliver a more professional product to match my big dreams. 

I can’t help it! 

I look back on these first five episodes and while I am very proud of the content and couldn’t be more delighted with my guests and the amazing things they shared, I felt that the delivery was amateur. 

Which makes sense because while I did once win an award for my help as a facilitator on a junior high video project, I am very much an amateur when it comes to video. 

So as much as my friends and lovely supporters said they loved it. I was unsold. The end result did not make me want to share it. 

And editing is not my strong suit, the transitions were imprecise and distracting.

Just not what I want to continue to put out there. 

To that end, I just this afternoon signed a contract with a professional videographer and musician to develop a new introduction and jingle. 

And…I want to provide more concrete tools to build a home based business. My guests have been providing hope, and I plan to add some of my experience as a work at home mom to help you find a money making path that works for you. So I’ll be touching base a whole lot more through this blog, Facebook, and Triumphant Tales newsletter.

Look for the new episodes starting March 28th! 

They will be worth the wait and worth the share! 

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