No matter what your business, you need a website. It’s not something you can put off until you have more money or can do a better job of it. You simply must get started and improve as you go along. If you use the resources on this site, you won’t be stuck in the ugly first draft stage for very long, I promise.

Getting started with a website will cost you $30 or less using Momwebs.

With that $30, you will buy two things – a domain name and 3 months of hosting.

Then all you have to do is install WordPress and start building your site.

I know that sounds overwhelming, but if you take it one bite at a time, soon you’ll have a fully functioning website that draws attention to your business – whether it’s creating crafts, direct sales, providing childcare or other local services or an online service like Virtual Assistance or bookkeeping or coaching –

One of the reasons I heavily recommend MomWebs is the superb and speedy customer service. You know in addition to having everything I could need or want in a website host. That’s not always a given. When I first started building websites I was overcharged and under-serviced by a huge company. So I know even basic services are not always as obvious to the website newbie.

Back to the amazing service and support. I’m pretty good with computers, I’ve been enamored with them since I was in elementary school when disks were floppy and Apple II’s were the height of tech. Still there has been more than one time where I’ve gotten over my head when it comes to the websites I’ve worked on. Scott has never let me down. Every time I’ve had a digital emergency, Scott has able to fix me up – quickly! In one case, he came to my rescue on a Sunday afternoon when I had no expectation of being helped!





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