First, let me just say I am soo stoked about the relaunch of Triumphant Tales. That is in between thoughts of “What have I done now?”…but seriously – I am really happy with the way it turned out and I can’t wait to reveal next week’s episode with T.A.  Somers. 

But on to tonight’s topic…

I was scanning my timeline and all the questions about landing pages, funnels and courses rolled by. And I thought “Holy Manhattan*! When did it get so complicated?” 

I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must seem to wrap your head around all this online marketing stuff. 

Because it was way easier 19 years ago…

Only it wasn’t.  It’s easy to romanticize the past and think it easier than it really was. It wasn’t any easier – it was just different. Less crowded and more experimental. We needed mailing lists and landing pages then. It’s just that there were fewer choices for mailing list providers, and landing pages were generally hosted on site. They were seldom pretty, but they worked.  Video, of course, was non-existent then. There was no WordPress or Facebook then, and Google had just begun. 

Where I learned programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver, WordPress is my current tool of choice as far as building websites goes. 

My word processer was WordPerfect and my graphics program was Corel. Those have become Word, Open Office and GIMP and Canva. 

The names have changed, but the purposes and tasks really haven’t. 

And nine times out of ten, thinking about mailing lists, landing pages and funnels is completely premature for the entrepreneur considering them. That was true then and now. 

That’s why, I think, it all leads to panic and overwhelm. The drive to get ahead often leads to skipping steps. Yes, you need these things, but you shouldn’t be throwing money at them without a plan. 

You can, of course. But you shouldn’t. Without a plan, you will waste time and money. Great if you have it to spare, a little less than ideal when you’re already running close to the bone. 

It doesn’t need to be an exhaustive and proper business plan like would be required for a loan from my day job, but it should exist! 

I’m a little focused on that as a tool for success. I have been for a long time. Even though I’m a creative who hates schedules and loves flexibility. Plans do not need to be constricting, they are supposed to be freeing! So I wrote my first e-book on Business Planning in around 2003ish. And if I thought it was important then, you can imagine how vital I consider it now when monthly fees for mailing lists, landing pages and stock photo databases can add up to more than a hundred dollars before you’ve earned a penny. 

You do realize you’re paying up to 20% interest if you throw those onto your credit card, right? 

I’m not saying don’t invest, I’m saying have a plan to monetize before you pull out your credit card. If you are ready to mobilize before you start, you’ll be well ahead of the crowd that buys all the goodies without knowing why or how they are to be used. 

Having said that, you don’t want to get so bogged down in planning that you never actually get started. That really doesn’t accomplish much either. 

What you want to do is take it one step at a time. Avoid overwhelm by keeping your focus on just your next step instead of all the things that lay ahead. Don’t borrow worries from tomorrow. 

So stop jumping ahead of where you need to be to succeed. Begin with a plan and once you are ready for mailing lists, landing pages and funnels, you’ll know what to do with them! 

*I didn’t really think “Holy Manhatten” but I prefer to keep business articles g-rated. You can replace with any word that fits 😉 

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