I am not exactly, or at all, what anyone would consider outdoors-y. Despite living in small towns and rural areas for most of my adult life, I’ve always been a bit more city. I remember going camping when I was a kid, but that ended when I was 12…

IMG_0173-one-got-away-taylor-smallUntil last year, when I started dating the Locksmith.

He loves camping and fishing.

Things I’d always liked in theory and memory, but not something we made a priority in life with ODTBX.

It is a priority for the Locksmith. And this past weekend was part of a tradition he began when his eldest son was 2. The Father’s Day Weekend camping trip. So 20 years now…only not, because it’s been on hiatus for the last eight years, as Father’s Day weekend clashes on the calendar for high school final exams.

So this was the first Father’s Day weekend camping expedition since 2006 or so.

His eldest and youngest came in from the city, and it was an awesome experience – despite the rain.

I took nearly 100 pictures with the new camera the Locksmith bought for us last week. I’ve always lusted over DSLR’s for years, so finally having an entry level one is like a dream come true. My favourite is the one I captured at the moment a fish jumped off the hook into the boat’s underbelly…

This one of the Locksmith comes in a close second.


Turns out camping in the rain isn’t the worst experience in the world, despite all the horror stories I’ve heard. Sunshine would have been nice, but it’s absence didn’t hinder us from having a blast.

Getting to know the Locksmith’s children is wonderful…and weird…

If ODTBX had our first child the year we met (instead of eight years later), he (or she) would have been the same age as his eldest…

And his eldest and my eldest are soooo eerily similar. They like the same games and share other interests too.

I might be whacked, but I think they look a little bit alike too…













I can’t wait to see how they get along when they finally meet each other. It can’t help but be anything but interesting.

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