Elisabeth Klein, author of Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage maintains a blog centering on the issues of abuse and addiction in the lives of Christian women. Her tone is at times cloying and overly sweet, which seems typical for the Christian genre but her approach is genuine.

Klein was a professional speaker and in ministry throughout her difficult marriage, and in it’s demise she began to change her focus to address her experiences and the needs of others with similar stories.

Klein hosts an online support group for Christians in difficult marriages and for those going through separation and divorce on Facebook. In order to join one must friend Klein and request to be added. I was a member of the group for some time, but recently un-joined as my faith-journey has led me away from the precepts that are held to there.

Overall, if you are a Christian and looking for support and inspiration – you’ll likely find Klein’s site worth the visit, but I much prefer the blog of Leslie Vernick.

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