I have to confess I myself am a repeated failure at the Direct Sales Consultant industry. Not that I didn’t try three times with two different opportunities (along with two network marketing non-starters!)

But those mistakes in my judgement were not the fault of the opportunities! The failure was in all cases completely a case of me not fitting the opportunity and nothing to do with the industry.  The truth is with the right fit a very comfortable living can be made from a direct sales business – though there are many pitfalls. It does take a certain personality to succeed, but if you have it – the sky is truly the limit.

There are many single mama success stories within the industry, and I’ll be sure to dig up some great resources in the weeks to come for those who need a boost of inspiration by reading about people who have done it already.

Direct sales consultants sign on as independent sales agents for a company and sell product (and the opportunity) through home based parties. Some companies focus primarily on product sales and others on creating more consultants, both become streams of income for the successful direct sales consultants. The cost to sign on can range from $10 to several hundred dollars depending on the company. Earning potential is always dependent on your ability to hustle and to provide superior customer service.

As a direct sales consultant, you’ll invariably be faced with tons of competition – and tons of rejection – but it can be worth the effort to shake it off and take it in stride, because the perks and pay-offs can be huge.

From watching those who have been successful, I think the most important aspect of success is truly loving and believing in the product that you choose to represent. Nothing else seems to matter as much as that – it drives the perseverance and commitment that’s required to get through the obstacles that face direct sales consultants.

I’ve listed several companies off the top of my head below – I’ll flesh them out with links/reviews of each opportunity as time is available.



Mary Kay

Discovery Toys

Pampered Chef




Young Living Essential Oils

Princess House



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