I’ve been working over the last couple of weeks, between attending inspiring speeches and delivering social media presentations, on refining my audience to match my personal mission.
And the who really begins with the why…
At the heart of it all I want to change, for my audience at least, one of the reasons why women go back to (or don’t leave) abusive relationships.
Too many times a woman contemplating leaving an abusive relationship is faced with a “out of the frying pan, into the fire” situation from a financial and emotional perspective – how does she keep a roof overhead and bellies full when being terrorized, harassed & bullied?
The statistics are dismal, single parent families headed by women are many, many times more likely to live below the poverty line. Whether they were abused or not, raising children single-handed is often an indication of an empty bank account and limited opportunity. Not because they are inherently inferior (as some mysoginists and religious folk might suggest) but because it is damn hard to rise above circumstances! Transforming from underdog to champion is hard enough for healthy people…and abuse victims are not coming from a place of health. They are certainly not mentally healthy and they are often physically battered as well, at the moment of escape. There is a long period of recovery ahead for any woman leaving an abusive relation ship.
In a perfect world, there would be programs to help transition from abuse to freedom. In reality, there aren’t enough spaces in shelters or support services available for the needs that exist. And most women leaving abusive relations rely on an ad-hoc network of family and friends for support and don’t ever approach shelters or organizations for help.
And of those who do reach out, many are turned away.
Every night, in Canada 200 seeking refuge fail to find it. When they find the courage to leave which is no easy task on it’s own, they could be turned away and truly on their own. Without financial means or emotional support her odds of remaining free are minimal.
It is those facts that drive my vision to build this site. I believe, because I’ve seen it over and over, that getting off the hamster wheel and out of the abuse cycle is possible through entrepreneurship, specifically working from home.
I want to provide a platform to highlight existing work from home opportunities, tools for emotional
and financial recovery from abuse and support for positive thinking and positive action.

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