I am blessed to have a fabulous day job and a viable fall back side gig, along with a reliable and loving man -this time around! My heart goes out to the hundreds of women and men across this province who are now facing job loss either personally or with their main household wage earner. I have been there! 

Here are some practical tips from my history that may help you navigate the downturn without losing too much ground. 

First, pull back as much spending activity as you can. I realize you may not control the spending on your own – especially if your partner is an alcoholic or addict – but if you can cut back on areas you do control – food, clothing and whatever areas you have – that will be a huge start. 

If you’re already living at the bone, this tip may aggravate you. Don’t let it, it doesn’t apply if you can’t cut back. Been there too! 

If you need tips on saving money, let me know and I’ll devote some blog time to living lean tips I’ve learned over the years. 

Second, figure out where you are! If you don’t already have your finger on the pulse of where you are financially, this is a good time to sort it out. It’s much more stressful to worry about finances when you don’t know where you stand. Stress impairs decision making skills. So get in the know to make wise choices. 

As long as it’s a lay-off and not a firing – you’ll have six weeks until EI kicks in – if a job isn’t found in the meantime. Mapping things out can make getting through it easier. 

Third, consider your options in working from home. There are a thousand opportunities from writing to selling things online to leading classes and training on your expertise – there’s also web design, graphic design, video editing, being a virtual assistant or you can offer offline services like housecleaning, carpentry, or errand running…I could go on with ideas. But the point is you always can create your own income in any economy. It can cost as little as $100 to start a web/home based sole proprietorship in Alberta. 

Don’t look for get rich quick opportunities – be realistic and look for something that can bring in an extra income for now that you think has the potential to make a full time income. 

If you need help, book a discovery session with me and we’ll see if we can’t find options that excite you. Or that you can at least explore while waiting for a job to materialize. 

Four, keep up the job search. You don’t have to commit yourself to being a full time entrepreneur if that is not your hearts calling. Just make sure you position your business operations for easy exit if you plan to bail for a job. 

Brush up your skills on cover letters & resumes, get help with your interview skills if you need it (Toastmasters is awesome for that) and believe there are still jobs for people with your skills and talent in the workforce. 

If your belief is shaky, you’ll have a harder time seeing opportunities that may work. 

Be positive and be creative and remember this too shall pass! 

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