10891633_10152933826447082_8120029203462667837_nMerry Christmas!

I am blessed to be posting from a brand new computer courtesy of the Locksmith. Can’t help but love that man between the amazing generousity and cooking skills. (He’s making a Christmas brunch as I type)

I am filled with such peace and joy this day.

Presents aside, my children are here – and this will be our longest visit with all three since they moved away 2 years ago. This is the fourth Christmas since their father and I separated, the third that I’ve celebrated with the Locksmith.

I love my life today and am so beyond excited about my plans and visions for the coming years.

And I’ve taken moments in my happiness to pray (in my own way) for those who find today to be a miserable day instead of an uplifting and hopeful and wonderful one. I know I’ve spent many a Christmas feeling anything but blessed.

I’ll post more later. My heart and mind are full, but brunch has landed on the table and I’m off to appreciate the Locksmith’s cooking and my children’s conversations around the table.


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