Are you a coach or writer ready for media coverage?

The Help a Survivor & Help Yourself - Xmas Special

This is a flash sale is support of one of my Freebird sisters. It’s been a rough year – as it has been for many of us & I’d honestly expected that the Freebird Project Shop would take off with our brilliant and beautiful (if I do say so myself) launch.

That didn’t happen – but we’re nothing if not resilient!

And good at going back to our roots.

This is a project I put together before I left the publicity writing/online world to work at Community Futures Yellowhead East. I’ve pulled it out, updated and revised it and packaged it up digitally just for you and to make it an absolute no-brainer – your purchase includes a personal consultation and review of your first press release.



Why now?

One of the biggest opportunities for media coverage is just around the corner. There are three times of the year when the odds of becoming a new media source increase – the week between Christmas & New Year, Easter & the first week of July.

I can get you ready for media coverage before the new year dawns and help you position yourself publicity-wise for 2017.

What do you know?

I’ve been consistently getting coverage for myself and my clients for nearly 15 years. Not Oprah style coverage, but relevant local and national coverage that raised awareness (and ultimately) sales.

Am I ready for this?

If you have a business, online or offline – and you are ready for customers – then you need this. It’s not complicated and once you get over the scared feeling (which I will help you get over during our personal session) it’s your ticket to free coverage and awesome positioning as an expert in your field.


What’s included?

You’ll get the entire self-study publicity in a box package as pictured below. Plus you’ll get a free session with me to either be used to brainstorm your first press release idea OR to review your first press release once you’ve gotten one written. (This alone is a minimum $75.00 value.. if I even offered that as a regular service anymore! Which I don’t…This is an exclusive offer to make this product move to raise money for my Freebird project sister and to get you in the media spotlight quickly)

This is not dated or untested information. As you can see in the article to the right – I walk my talk and work to attract media attention for myself too! I don’t have to wonder what it’s like to see my name in the newspaper or a national magazine. I know. You’ll be able to say you know too when you apply the information you learn in this e-course.

How much?

A fraction of what I should be charging…

But seriously, the cost of this package is currently $37 because this is a flash fundraising sale. I want this to be a no-brainer for you to say yes to. I’m pulling this offer on December 23rd and re-configuring this package and upping the price to $67 in the New Year.

Don’t delay – this special only lasts until Friday December 23rd.

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