My word this year, 2015,  was breakthrough. I’ve chosen a word at the end of the past two years. Each year a different word. Each year with a different result. So this will be my third year choosing a word. I haven’t chosen a new word for 2016 yet.

Two years I made actual written goals for the first time that wasn’t school related in my life. I’d made general goals, but not concrete I am going to type goals. I used the Business in Blue Jeans method for getting things set up. But I wasn’t very good at following through. By most standards I failed miserably, I didn’t keep up with many of my goals.

By some standards, I did fabulously – I at least worked towards some of the goals I had stated intentions for. My intention was to lose a pound a week in that first year. I had never set a fitness goal before. I lost 17. It wasn’t what I had stated, but it was progress.

The next year, last year…leading up to 2015. I decided to try again. I’d had enough success that I was sure I could accomplish more. And I did. Somewhere in that time and era I discovered Leonie Dawson and the Shining Life Workbooks for Life and Business – and I chose the word breakthrough.

I’m still not consistent with getting to the gym, but I’m better.

And I’m still working towards my goals.

I’ve spoken more this year. And I am creating more content than ever. This month I’ve broken through my fear and anxiety over video. I’ve created 10 videos for Triumphant Tales and 4 for Community Futures – I have 21 days of the 30 day Family Violence Awareness Video Challenge left to go and I am learning more with every take.

But the biggest breakthrough I’ve made this year is in finding contentment. Finding peace. Finding my groove and feeling like I belong where I am, that I’m where I’m meant to be.

Whether it’s fleeting or long lasting, I’m not going to worry – I just keep reminding myself to enjoy what it is in this moment. In the moments I feel it, I stop to breathe it in and capture a bit of it’s memory. So it’s there in case I need it. And if I don’t need it, it’s there – that is the biggest breakthrough this year, I think.

There are still a few weeks left…

More breakthroughs may still happen.

But I’m content should that be the pinnacle of it all.



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