Once you’ve decided you’re suited to working from home, figuring out what to do is the next challenge.  It’s insanely easy to get trapped here. In the stage of wanting to do something but having no clue what to do or how to do it. 

Some survivors are convinced they have no skills, no hobbies, nothing of value to offer.

Other survivors have so many interests and passions that they want want to do it all – perhaps in an effort to “catch up and reclaim” what was lost in the dark times.

Neither way is productive when it comes down to it.

From a strictly financial point of view. the quickest path to money is providing a service. This path often requires less investment than direct sales or product driven enterprises.

Offline Services

  • Housekeeping/Maid/Janitorial*
  • Cooking
  • Childcare*
  • Errands/Concierge
  • Tutoring
  • Music Lessons
  • Personal Trainer
  • Mowing Lawns/Shoveling Snow*
  • Pet Care*
  • Vacation Home Care*
  • Event Planning


  • Virtual Assistance (VA)
  • Web Design*
  • Technical Assistance
  • Graphic Design (Logos, Ads)*
  • Freelance Writing* – Ghostwriting, Copywriting, Article Writing, PR
  • Desktop Publishing* (formatting for special reports, ebooks and Kindle)
  • Transcription*
  • Video Editing*
  • Audio Editing*
  • Voice Overs & other audio work*

I’ve done all the starred activities at one point or another over the years. Some were part of a dedicated approach to business, others were just opportunities to make quick cash.

What other low investment, quick to cash service business ideas would you add to the list?



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