20141011-141101.jpgThere are some books that are instantly influential and motivational. Barb Stegemann’s 7 Virtues of A Philosopher Queen is one such book. Subtitled “A woman’s guide to living and leading in an illogical world”

It (to me) is about changing the world by playing the game.

Like many self published books, I think this one could have done with a bit more polishing and editing. Though considering the author has more degrees than I do – and experience writing for many prestigious publications- the repetition I found annoying as a reader may have been intentional. It would be a shame to allow that annoyance to not connect with the message.

And I connected with the message in a deeply personal way.

Beware of this book if you have big dreams because it will be a game changer!

If we want to see the feminine in government and destroy the patriarchy once and for ALL – we MUST become government. Those of us with a passion to lead must get over ourselves and bring our passions to (in my case) end family violence through empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship.

I wrote that for the first time today, after reading this book and hearing Barb speak last Friday in Canmore (the topic of another post) I was motivated to find my personal mission statement.

I’ve known for a long time it was necessary, but I wasn’t ready to commit to it.

This book is that motivational – it’s based on a blend of ancient and modern philosophy and focuses on the virtues – wonder, moderation, courage, truth, justice and beauty and the authors life from her humble beginnings in the impoverished community in a poor family in Antigonish to one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women – growing her company into the World’s Socially Relevant Perfume after appearing on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

I have to confess I’ve never watched the show until the clip before her keynote address at the Community Futures annual event last weekend. I’ve had little interest in big investors, I’ve always preferred small scale business not the kind that needs big bucks to start – though I now see where it could be a viable path for others.
I had heard a bit of her story, she had been to our town last year for Small Business Week festivities. I had intended to go, but something came up (work at the Road House I think) and I am now a little sad I did not attend. I might have been inspired all the sooner!

Another influence this book had on me in the 6 days since I began reading it, was to rewrite my Toastmaster speech completely at the last minute. And it was awesome – because I followed my heart and intuition (and some would say God’s guidance) and delivered a piece called “Why does she stay?” which I’m thinking may be a signature piece as I move towards my vision 🙂 or at least part of it.

In conclusion, if you yearn to play a bigger game and make a difference on a world scale or in your community – you’ll want to adapt the The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen into your life.

Once you read it, you might not be able to help stepping into your purpose and striving to deliver on your personal vision.

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