I thoroughly agree with that statement. And yet, at one point, it would have made me feel beyond hope. I knew I wasn’t focused, disciplined or diligent.

I can read fast and I write well – and I have a lot of creativity and patience but focus, discipline or diligence I only have in small degrees. Unless by diligent, she means persistent – because that I am!

And I wasn’t ultra-amazingly successful at my home business/online business efforts. Not in terms of the six figure income that entice the direct sellers, network marketers and Internet marketers.

I didn’t aim to make an amazing income when I started out. I just wanted to stay home with my baby and not go back to my not quite minimum wage job in retail.

Except that I made a living. (Most of the time…when I worked at it) and I did generate a revenue of $10, 000 one month. But the expenses and debts wiped it away in a heartbeat and I’ve yet to replicate the feat.

The point is – yeah, to make huge money and have significant influence you do have to be focused, diligent and disciplined.

But if you have a solid reason and a work ethic and are willing to sacrifice a little for a better life long term.

And you might, someday, find you’re ready to cultivate the focus, discipline and diligence (and desire!!) to aim for the six figure thing. Or not.

In the meantime, you can make a living learning the skills that you’ll need to get there – without having to leave your babies if you don’t want to.

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