Advantages of WebcastingWith social networking changing the landscape of communication, currently sitting at a high point of engagement and increasing steadily, the drive for interactive websites is also on the increase.

A lot of people, including your target market, want a website that’s more than simply static. They’re looking for interaction when they log onto the net – from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube – connection is the key to increasing awareness and sales.

As a business owner this means that adding a webcast to your online business could be a great move.

First, what is a webcast?

In simple terms it’s a video recording placed on the web. Triumphant Tales is an example of a webcast. Though I call it an online video show and others call it a podcast, it all boils down to the same thing. Just like a TV offers traditional viewing, a webcast does something similar – but the video is streamed on the internet rather than the TV network.

A webcast can be anything from a video of you explaining how to do something to your viewers, to a two (or more) people interview, to an interactive online class.

The point is that you’re adding an interactive feature to your website and making it easier for visitors to give their feedback and get involved.

Anyone can start a webcast with a simple video recorder. One of the easiest methods used to be the Flipcam. Nowadays, almost any smart phone will do an excellent job of recording your webcast. You can use more sophisticated equipment to create programs on a very high-end level, but for most home based business owners that tends to be overkill.

There’s a lot of different equipment you can use and a little research will help you find the best. I’ll be sharing my own experiences in future blog posts as well. Once you’re set up with your video recording mode you can take things a step further and use a video editing service to add features to your recording which will really make the video stand out. There are many services online and a simple Google search will help you find the right one for you.

Webcasting is a great addition to your website. You’re making it easy for your visitors to interact with you while offering valuable information. This will keep them coming back to your site over and over again.

What’s next?

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